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Next Meeting:
The board will meet on Thursday, April 9th; 7pm at the Joyce and Phil Stafford house 11 Friendship Lane.

Welcome to the Friendship-Crescent-Mesa Neighborhood Association website. Here you will find information about our organization, including:
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Our Purpose

The Friendship-Crescent-Mesa Neighborhood Association (FCNMA) is a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Colorado. The purpose of the FCNMA is:
  • To protect and enhance the quality of life within and around the geographic boundaries of the Association, to preserve the natural beauty of the area, and to protect the persons and the property of the residents
  • To strengthen old friendships and establish new ones among the neighbors
  • To address land use and similar issues of local interest so as to advance the interests of the members
  • To succeed to the interests of the Hill-Mesa Realty and Development Corporation in covenants running with the land, in the event that it would serve the interests of the members to do so
  • Any other lawful purpose for which non-profit corporations may be formed
Membership in the Association

Properties that were bound by the original covenants of the Hill-Mesa Realty and Development Corporation, including all properties on Friendship and Crescent Lanes, and 11 properties on Mesa Road, are members of the FCMNA.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

The Association's mailing address is that of the current president of the Association:
Steve Eivins
2530 Mesa Road
Colorado Springs CO 80904

Phone: 719-630-3772

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